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Refrigerator Repair

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When you need service for your Sub-Zero® refrigerator, look no further than Dallas Sub-Zero Repair. As the premier Sub-Zero service provider in Dallas, we provide top-quality service that can’t be matched elsewhere.

Whether it’s something as simple as needing a new light bulb, or something more complex, our professional technicians can help.

Our Sub-Zero refrigerator repair team will work with appliances old and new, and work quickly to solve your issue. Since we carry a full range of replacement parts, there is no need to wait for a part to come in to complete the repair.

Don’t wait for something to go wrong with your unit before you reach out to us for Sub-Zero service. Regular maintenance and condenser cleanings can not only extend your refrigerator’s overall lifespan, but also it can help keep your utility bill down.

Our Sub-Zero refrigerator maintenance services will ensure your refrigerator stays in excellent condition for years to come. Investing in maintenance now can help you forecast potential future issues, and save you the hassle and frustration of addressing the emergency later.

  • Ice or frost on the back wall of a refrigerator is often caused by warm air leaking into the unit or a clogged drain tube.
  • If sparks are visible inside a refrigerator or freezer section, if possible to safely do so, turn product off and close the doors to the unit.
  • If mold appears on food, the entire refrigerator must be cleaned because mold spores will scatter and continue to reproduce.
  • Perform condenser cleaning every six to twelve months to keep Sub-Zero refrigeration products operating their best.
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