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Ice Maker Repair

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For most of us, living without an ice maker wouldn’t be a problem, but those of us who live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area understand the importance of being able to have an ice-cold drink on a hot day. If you need Sub-Zero undercounter ice-maker repair service, the team here at High-End Service is ready to help. As the premier Sub-Zero repair company in the Dallas area, you can be sure we provide top-quality service that you won’t find elsewhere.

Call us if you’re experiencing issues such as:

No ice, even though the unit sounds like it’s working
No function at all
Longer-than-usual time to produce a batch of ice
Excessive noise from the unit
Freezing too much
Defrost issues
Ice smells “bad”

Our highly qualified team of professionals can service your Sub-Zero so it gets back up and running quickly and efficiently. Our variety of in-stock parts ensures we likely have what you need on hand, so you don’t have to wait for a part to come in before we can finish your Sub-Zero undercounter ice-maker repair.

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  • A kit is not available to remove the ice maker from any 200/300, 500, 600, 648PRO, BI, New Generation Integrated, 200 Undercounter or UC Undercounter Series product. Instead of removing the ice maker, turn it off and do not use it.
  • The fill tube is located above the ice maker coming through either the back or side wall of the freezer. If a fill cup plug is needed order part #7015972.
  • To clean mineral buildup on the inbound side of the valve: Turn the water supply off. Remove the valve. Use distilled white vinegar with a toothbrush on the valve and rinse well. Re-install the valve. Turn the water back on.
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