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Freezer Repair

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If you need Sub-Zero freezer or ice maker repair, then turn to us here at Dallas Sub-Zero Repair. We are the premier Sub-Zero service provider in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We know how frustrating a breakdown or malfunction can be, so we aim to provide prompt and courteous service to all our customers.

Our professional technicians understand the complex systems responsible for a freezer’s functionality, and will take the time to properly diagnose and repair any issues they find. Whether it is a cooling issue, leaking issue, worn or broken gaskets, or any other number of problems, we can help. We keep Sub-Zero freezer replacement parts in stock to ensure you don’t waste time waiting on the parts needed to get the job done.

To keep your unit in excellent condition, consider a maintenance Sub-Zero freezer service call. An annual professional inspection can keep the freezer running optimally all the time, and can extend its life for many years. We’ll even give you tips to ensure you’re keeping the freezer in the best-possible condition between service appointments.

  • If the timer can be heard with the grill in place Dallas Sub-Zero Repair should inspect the timer. The Defrost Timer is usually located near the condenser.
  • If you have freezer burn on your food ensure that the unit's temperatures are properly set and inspect the door or drawer gasket, replace if damaged.
  • The lighting assembly is located behind the light diffuser at the top of the freezer compartment of a Built-In (BI) Over-and-Under product.
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